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Best selling cars in the UK 2022


6 Kia Sportage – 14,976 units

Consistency is key for the Kia Sportage, which entered its fifth generation at the tail end of last year. It looks like the SUV will once again prove a smash hit for Kia in 2023, thanks to its eye-catching design, on-trend powertrains and strong value for money. It consistently finished in the top 10 last year. 

7 Tesla Model Y – 14,012 units

Tesla’s influence on the UK car market continues, and the Model Y is the driving force. The crossover first went on sale last February on our shores in a Long Range specification, and a Rear Wheel Drive model is now available as the entry point to the range. No doubt it will greatly add to the growing number of Model Ys on our roads. 

8 Ford Fiesta – 12,714 units

It’s sad to see the Fiesta’s continued popularity with the knowledge that it will be leaving the Ford range later this year, bringing an end to 47 years of production. It’s set to be replaced by an electric crossover. Its popularity is down to its versatility and all-round excellent driving dynamics, while the ST performance variant still holds up as one of the best hot hatches on the market. 

9 Mini 3dr/5dr – 12,670 units 

Despite its age, the Mini hatchback continues to be as popular as ever. Last year, it finished ahead of superminis such as the Volkswagen Polo and Toyota Yaris. With a versatile line-up of petrol, electric and John Cooper Works performance variants, the Mini can always be relied on for drivability and alluring looks. A new model is set to arrive later this year, and we’re very excited for it. 

10 Volkswagen T-Roc – 12,053 units

The Volkswagen T-Roc has been around for six years, but it remains a seriously popular choice for UK buyers – more so, it seems, than the venerable Volkswagen Golf. A recent facelift boosted interior quality, addressing one of few criticisms of the well-rounded crossover.


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