3 Healthy Reasons to Eat More Bananas—and Sweet Banana Recipes to Try


Here’s everything you would like to grasp regarding banana advantages and the way they assist boost your metabolism, hydration, energy, digestion, and more.

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Bananas—aka the yellow-peeled fruit that sits on your room counter till it’s method too brown—are a fairly debatable fruit. many folks avoid bananas as a result of they are naturally high in carbohydrates and sugars in comparison to most different fruits. Yes, bananas area unit one among the higher-sugar fruits you’ll be able to eat, however that does not mean you ought to toss them aside.

Bananas ought to be a part of a healthy, balanced, produce-filled diet. There area unit several nutritionary banana advantages you’ll not comprehend, like its metabolism-boosting fiber and hydration-supporting metallic element content. browse on for a few convincing reasons to form bananas a revenant staple in your diet.

Nutrition Facts

“Your typical banana contains regarding thirty grams of carbohydrates and fourteen grams of sugar, that is regarding double what you will get with a cup of raspberries,” says Tanya Zuckerbrot M.S., R.D., founding father of F-Factor. per the Department of Agriculture, a mean banana conjointly contains regarding one gram of macromolecule, three grams of fiber, and fewer than one gram of fat. it is also high in essential vitamins and minerals, as well as metallic element (375 mg), metal (32 mg), vitamin C (14 mg), and B complex (.24 mg).

“Depending on the precise size of the banana, the calories, carbs, and sugar, for instance, is also slightly higher or slightly lower,” says purposeful medication professional can Cole, IFMCP, DNM, D.C. Cole adds that whereas, yes, it’s healthy to eat bananas, you ought to be awake to the quantity you are intake and careful to not do it: “Sugar remains sugar to your body, regardless [of whether] it’s within the style of processed sugar or levulose from fruits.”

Benefits of intake Bananas

Bananas area unit made within the solution metallic element.
Bananas area unit a superb supply of metallic element, a mineral that is essential for several bodily functions. “One of the most reasons we’d like metallic element is to manage fluid balance in our bodies,” says Jen Silverman, dietician and holistic health coach. “Potassium has conjointly been shown to lower force per unit area, strengthen bones, and promote correct muscle perform.”

Bananas area unit high in fiber for healthy digestion and metabolism.

“Bananas contain soluble fiber, that swells sort of a sponge within the abdomen giving food a jelly-like bulk that produces you’re feeling full,” Zuckerbrot says. “Soluble fiber conjointly binds with calories and fat within the abdomen and intestines and pulls them out of the body before they will enter the blood. It supports blood sugar levels, supports your body with sustained energy, and helps you’ve got regular gut movements.”

One reason many folks would possibly feel bound once intake bananas is that fiber wants water to try to to its job—eating a fiber-rich diet needs drinking a minimum of a pair of liters of water per day. per Silverman, you will conjointly need to concentrate to however ripe the banana is. “Unripe bananas—those greenish-yellow in color—can cause constipation, whereas ripe[r] bananas will relieve it,” Silverman says. this is often as a result of unripe bananas contain a lot of starch, whereas riper ones have a small amount a lot of fiber.

Bananas give lots of B complex.

Zuckerbrot conjointly notes that, among different advantages, this yellow fruit could be a nice supply of B complex. One medium-sized banana will give a couple of quarter of your daily B complex wants, that is important for several functions within the body, as well as metabolism.

Bananas area unit a natural, healthy supply of carbs—excellent for exertion energy and recovery.
“Bananas area unit a decent supply of carbohydrates and can give fuel for workouts,” Zuckerbrot explains. “They conjointly might facilitate scale back exercise-related muscle cramps and soreness.” Zuckerbrot points to a study revealed within the Journal of protein analysis during which, when abstinence nightlong, twenty male cyclists drank solely water with pears or bananas before athletics at high intensity succeeding day. those that drank water with fruit knowledgeable a fifty p.c quicker recovery than those that solely drank water with no fruit; they were conjointly quicker and had a lot of energy.



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